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Shildan Group Australia

294 Edgecliff Road

Woollahra, NSW 2025

Phone: 02-9371 8386

Where terracotta is
elevated to an art form.

Our approach is highly collaborative, and our interdisciplinary team is
international, working tirelessly to improve the collective experience with an
innovative, holistic approach. With a network across the globe, we are able
to bring international expertise to the fore and apply it at a local level while
navigating the many complexities of each unique project.

By understanding what is
possible while being bold
enough to push the envelope,
we can achieve the seemingly

Together, guided by determined optimism, we are shaping the
future of built environments. Applying creativity, emergent
technologies, and the power of innovative design allows us to
create buildings that anticipate and accommodate new ways of
living, working, and learning in our ever-evolving world.

Rooted In

At Shildan, craftsmanship is not simply the act of creation. It’s a legacy, and a much broader concept that involves going beyond industrialization to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the tools and materials that are to be carefully employed rather than exploited.

Harnessing the innate beauty and capabilities of terracotta, a material traditionally used to create architectural ornament, we’re crafting distinctive exteriors with the utmost attention to detail, workmanship, and sustainability - exteriors that elegantly and pragmatically link buildings to the neighborhoods in which they reside.

Partnering with market leaders and longstanding terracotta experts, GIMA/Moeding, Haldenwanger, and Flexbrick ensures top tier craftsmanship that supports even the most ambitious sustainability, aesthetic, and performance objectives. Offering a range of select natural raw materials, state of the art burning and process technology, as well as manual expertise, we’re able to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the future of built environments.

Innovation as a Force
for Good

Now more than ever, architecture needs innovation. Having, until now, evolved at a glacial pace, the industry has missed countless opportunities for positive global transformation.

For us, we’re not only passionate about innovation, we’re advocates of harnessing boundary-pushing methods as a means of making a powerful shift towards a more sustainable future. Innovation isn’t only the cornerstone of everything we do, it also establishes our clear declaration of architectural ambition for a better tomorrow.

Operating at the
Forefront of

At the core of our services is an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Forever seeking to not only minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings but to end damaging cycles altogether, we’re employing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and the ecosystem at large.

Our legacy of environmentally sensitive buildings is inspired by the efficiency and elegance of passive systems and regional materials. We not only embrace a connection with the natural world in each of our projects, we also celebrate it through adaptability of form, paramount to our practice and complementing our ecological surroundings.

Inspiring beautiful, sustainable
architecture with
state-of-the-art façades.

Dedicated to disrupting the industry and leaving the world better than we found it, we are pushing terracotta’s innate timelessness and minimal ecological footprint forward.

Lauded for its design flexibility, distinctive colors, natural textures, durability, and sustainability, it’s more than a time-tested material dating back to the Babylonians, it’s a proven one poised to be a key player in the future of sustainable built environments.