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Shildan Group Australia

294 Edgecliff Road

Woollahra, NSW 2025

Phone: 02-9371 8386

Design your passion,
build with ours.

At Shildan, we are transforming the built environment to inspire
beautiful, sustainable architecture that will impact
our communities for generations to come.

We are your partner
in creating a legacy
building facade.

By blending artistry, technology, and unequaled service, we’re ushering in a new era of architectural experience with end to end capabilities and solution-based design for your state-of-the-art terracotta façade.

With unrelenting passion, we help bring your vision to life and overcome any engineering and technical challenge- no matter the scale, complexity, or location of the project.

Where art meets

Shildan exists at the intersection of art and technology. As a company, we have always believed that design should be beautiful and sustainable.

Our team provides advanced architectural façade products, systems & services to owners, architects, consultants & contractors from the dynamic initial design stages to the inspirational final result.

We look at each project holistically, thinking about materials, sustainability, systems and services.



The materially of the terracotta and how it should responsibly be crafted & produced. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability



The systems, solutions and technology needed to meet the design intent & performance requirements.



A Holistic Approach— From early technical design assistance, to pioneering innovative approaches to preconstruction and engineering, to final implementation and project management. Everything we do is a passion project, supporting our goal of delivering unparalleled architectural outcomes for our partners and the communities we serve.

Full holistic approach to your project. Early technical design services, preconstruction, in house engineering and project management.

Our People

Our heart and soul are more than our expertise and resources. Our team – our community – is what makes Shildan extraordinary.

The Shildan team brings together a diverse group of people passionate about architecture, design, materiality, and artistry. Unified by a shared vision, we are a collective of innovators, designers, and engineers, working together to help build a better future.

Passion is the driving force in all we do. We are passionate about good design, beautiful architecture, sustainability, changing neighborhoods and building a better tomorrow.

Our Projects

Shildan introduced Terracotta Rainscreen to the US market 20 years ago and has completed over 320 institutional projects since, for some of the most iconic and energy efficient buildings in the world.

Our Process

Every project is a journey and each journey has a story. Our process is highly collaborative and begins early, with owners and architects. We start by looking at color and context, precedent images, and inspiration. From there the collaboration continues as we push the boundaries of what can be achieved in terracotta. Unique glazes and custom panel designs begin to take shape. At this early stage, systems design and engineering is taken into consideration. This is where the joining of art to technology begins…